C.G. Capelletti and a passion for exclusive pianos

Luxury pianos

There is no doubt, C.G. Capelletti has always had a great passion for antique pianos. Perhaps because each piano tells its own story and is a precious piece of art. Restoration work on an antique piano requires a very long and difficult process, and this must be done exclusively by skilled professionals, and at C.G. Capelletti there are skilled professional craftsmen dedicated to the high-level restoration of these fantastic and unique instruments.

C.G. Capelletti restores antique Steinway & Sons (prestigious world-famous piano brand) pianos and restores them entirely; the piano and its mechanics are totally disassembled, piece by piece. Our craftsmen remove the varnish from the wooden frame of the old piano, bringing it back unfinished.


Meticulous restoration

Restoring pianos to their former glory with passion and craftsmanship

Then the outer structure, carvings, bronzes, inlays, finishes, etc. are repaired and if necessary changed according to our customers' requests. The cast iron mechanics are then polished. Felts, strings, hammers, clamps and all irreparable parts are replaced with new ones. All accessories are chromed or 24Kt gold plated, respecting their originality. The Ivory fretboard is cleaned and totally restored; in addition to replacing damaged frets, they are cleaned and treated so that they regain their former original splendor.