C.G. Capelletti, classic and contemporary luxury Italian furniture

Matter becomes art
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A story of beauty
and craftsmanship


C.G. Capelletti was founded more than 160 years ago in an area firmly tied to the furniture-making tradition: Brianza, one of the most active and prolific areas in Italy. The luxury classic furnitures created by C.G. Capelletti are works of the highest level of craftsmanship made with fine and selected materials.
For as many as four generations, the furniture has been handcrafted by highly skilled master artisans. Created in Meda, C.G. Capelletti furniture has over time reached prestigious locations around the world.

Beyond the dream: the reality of tailor-made luxury


With years of consolidated experience, C.G. Capelletti offers itself as an ideal partner for the study and realization of custom made Italian luxury classic furnishings.
Thanks to an attentive and passionate team, the dream of a custom-made luxury environment comes to life. From the selection of the finest materials to the refined finishes, every single detail is carefully conceived to reflect one's vision of luxury and comfort. The client's ideas, inspirations, and desires are listened to with deep passion in order to realize impeccable, tailor-made designs.


The classic is the mirror
in which the soul is reflected
of all times.