C.G. Capelletti identity: classic and contemporary luxury furniture

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1861 1973 - 2010 2018 -2023


In 1861, C.G. Capelletti was founded in Brianza by Antonio Capelletti, a skilled craftsman with a passion for stylish furniture. His dedication to woodworking was passed down from generation to generation. Angelo Capelletti, Antonio's son, assumed leadership of the company, radically transforming its approach from commissioned to individual production. He began to create his own designs inspired by the Renaissance and devoted himself fervently to direct sales.

Antonio's sons, Cleto and Mario Capelletti, also contributed to the company until 1961, when they took different paths. Angelo continued to lead the business, preserving the family tradition in the production of Renaissance-style furniture with a strong focus on direct sales.

1973 - 2010

In the 1970s, Claudio Capelletti, Mario's son, joined the company. From a young age, he collaborated with his father, learning all the secrets and techniques of the art. Claudio led the family business to a significant stage of modernization, exploring the international market. In 2010, Claudio's son Diego also decided to support his father. He personally managed all stages of production and interacted with customers to better understand their needs and tastes. The young entrepreneur developed personal collections, especially in Baroque style, presenting them at the prestigious International Furniture Fair in Milan.

2018 -2023

As of 2018, C.G. Capelletti has experienced a significant stylistic evolution. Diego's presence has infused new energy into the company, creating a contemporary line and establishing a design office with a technical, 3D modeling, and reverse engineering department. While embracing the classic elegance of French products, the company has strived to make it lighter, modern and fresh, without ever losing its roots.

A passion handed down
from generation to


C.G. Capelletti today

C.G. Capelletti today remains a point of reference for luxury furniture made in Italy thanks to its ability to combine artisanal values and Italian excellence, combining great experience and research, new ideas and a reinterpretation of classic canons.

The company combines manual processing with innovative technologies, such as state-of-the-art numerically controlled pantographs and 3D machining. The advantage of having the entire production cycle in-house ensures unparalleled quality control in every department, from carpentry to the bronze department, from polishing to packaging.

Currently, C.G. Capelletti is distinguished by its pseudo-contemporary collection, committing itself to making lighter and more refined classic products, thus embodying a unique fusion of the classic and the contemporary. pseudo-contemporary, committing itself to making lighter and more refined classic products, thus embodying a unique fusion of the classic and the contemporary.