Artisanal elegance: the mastery of marqueterie de paille

Mrqueterie de paille

We are excited to share with you a fascinating handcrafted technique that characterizes our furniture accessories: marqueterie de paille. This extraordinary process, exclusively by hand, adds a touch of elegance and authenticity to the products, making them true works of art.

Working with straw is an ancient tradition that has deep roots in European culture, particularly in France. This technique, which guarantees unique pieces by giving them a wonderful play of light, is very rare and almost absent in Italy. Straw is dried and woven by hand to create intricate patterns and designs that result in fine furniture.

French straw weaving requires a skilled eye and a steady hand. Our artisans carefully select the best straw and prepare it for processing. They then skillfully weave the straw to create intricate patterns and designs. This process is completely manual and requires patience and precision. The process is very labor intensive: the rye straw is opened, stretched and applied stem by stem until the desired decoration is achieved. Although the straw, of course, is found in nature only in a straw color, it is possible to dye it, in a bath of vegetable oils, in a variety of bright and vivid colors that give the product a sheen. In addition, the straw is finished with beeswax, again by hand.