A Museum journey: the heritage of C.G. Capelletti through its creations

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This year, at Salone del Mobile 2024 the C.G. Capelletti exhibition space has been designed to take you on an exciting journey through two distinct but complementary worlds, designed to celebrate the company's tradition of craftsmanship and continuous innovation
The external part of the stand has been transformed into a veritable museum, where each piece on display shines in its own light. This museum area has been curated with love and passion to highlight C.G Capelletti's ability to create pieces ranging from pure classics to more contemporary and fusion designs. Each creation, realised with meticulous attention to detail, is a living testimony to the dedication to perfection. The perimeter and corridor layout of the outdoor display area is designed to allow each piece to tell its own unique story. Without being overly contextualised, the products emerge in all their extraordinary beauty, arousing intense emotions. This layout is intended to ensure that every detail, every curve, every finish is appreciated in its essence. For C.G Capelletti, attention to detail is not just a principle, but the beating heart of every piece of furniture.